Delivering specific capabilities for your application

Whatever sector your business operates in, Hellyar can introduce a variety of additive systems into your compounds to refine their performance for your applications. Hellyar’s technicians will advise you on the special properties provided by different additives, as well as their efficacy and cost-efficiency to ensure the optimal choice is made. 

Additives can be used to deliver on and enhance the following capabilities:

Flame retardancy

We develop flame-retardant compounds in our laboratories to satisfy individual customer requirements based on halogenated or the latest non-halogenated chemistry. Grades can be colour-matched and enhanced to improve UV and thermal performance.

UV protection

Advanced UV inhibitors are excellent where high carbon black loadings cannot be used and are ideal for the outdoor industrial, building and stadium seat markets. 

High heat stability

We can incorporate heat stability systems to delay degradation in polyolefin mouldings exposed to high heat for long periods.

Anti-static protection

Hellyar can integrate food-approved anti-static systems in polyolefins and styrenics to combat static dust patterning during all stages of manufacture.


Our specialist nucleating systems elevate moulding output, enable finer control of cooling and shrinkage, and enhance your products’ aesthetics.