Built on high standards and innovation

For the last 65 years, Hellyar has been the UK’s leading independent compounder and distributor of polymers. The company has a strong record of innovation and professional standards aligned with a commitment to customers to produce bespoke and conventional polymer solutions that add value to their businesses. 

Working from two sites in the UK and Poland, Hellyar serves manufacturers, converters, OEMs, injection moulders and other companies across multiple markets and territories around the globe. Customers come to us for exceptional quality compounds that solve their production and commercial challenges with consistency, quality and reliability.

Hellyar’s industry knowledge and partnerships with key polymer manufacturers also make us a leader in commodity polymer distribution. We deliver maximum value to customers by sourcing and distributing superior and cost-effective commodity polymers using well-established supply chains.

Our independence gives us the edge in our markets, lending us the agility that ensures we can respond quickly and nimbly to every challenge. With no obligation to external shareholders, we are free to think boldly, turn decisions into actions and focus on what counts above all else: providing the optimal polymers for our customers’ needs.