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Additive systems

We can introduce a wide range of additive systems into compounded products to optimise the performance of your moulded end solutions.

Whatever sector you operate in, our specialist technicians will advise you on the ideal and most cost-effective additives for your needs.

Our range of systems deliver:

High heat stability

Our H systems delay degradation in polyolefin mouldings exposed to high heat for long periods, whilst our K systems are cost-effective, food-approved thermal stabilisers ideal for the kettle sector.

UV protection

Aimed at the outdoor industrial, building and stadium seat markets, our UV inhibitors are excellent where high carbon black loadings cannot be used.

Anti-static protection

Our food-approved AS systems in polyolefins and styrenics combat static dust patterning throughout all stages of manufacture.


Our specialist nucleating N systems enhance moulding output, enable finer control of cooling and shrinkage and improve your product looks.